Touchless event mobile activation experience design

Kohl's+Sephora UX Visual Design
Launch Date

August  2021

Tools & Methods

After Effects

My Roles

UI/UX Design
Graphic Design


Creative Director Engineer team
3D Designer
Creative Strategy

Key contribution

To celebrate the launch of Sephora at Kohl’s nationwide, I designed a touch-free mobile gamification experience for Sephora's first in-person event since the pandemic. This mobile experience, compatible with both iOS and Android, allowed users to collect eight QR code touchpoints in a beauty maze to discover products, engage with the brands, and create shareable content.

Personal contribution
Kohl's+Sephora UX Visual Design
Design mobile experience for Android and iOS
Kohl's+Sephora UX Visual Design
Marketing research
Kohl's+Sephora UX Visual Design
Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi wireframe
Kohl's+Sephora UX Visual Design
Interaction prototype design
Project impact
Kohl's+Sephora UX Visual Design
Two-day event with a total of 1,711 Attendees
Kohl's+Sephora UX Visual Design
2,700 QRcode scanned
Kohl's+Sephora UX Visual Design
44% of attendees engaged
Kohl's+Sephora UX Visual Design
Nominated BizBash Event experience awards

Project goals

User needs

Event attendees face many distractions, making it hard to keep them motivated. They need a tool to navigate easily, feel COVID-safe, and stay inspired to finish the game.

Business needs

The global pandemic changed the physical marketing limitations for customers. Brands want to drive traffic back to the store. Brands need to bring innovation to reach consumers in memorable, safe ways.


Attendees need to finish scanning eight QRcode touchpoints in the beauty maze, and can show the completed card in the store to redeem their prize. However, there was a challenge of getting users to finish the game.

Kohl's+Sephora UX Visual Design

Beauty adventure user flow

Kohl's+Sephora UX flow

Design for different devices

Kohl's+Sephora UX Visual Design


In the final UI, I used minimized colors — red, black, and white. The mobile game also needs users to work with onsite events. If the interface has too many colors, users will easily get distracted. Therefore, for the design decisions, I focused on mobile gamification to build a connection with the brand itself. Make the games simple for users to navigate.

More user interaction with touch-less geolocation technology

I designed the geolocation popup to keep user interaction when they explore beauty maze. The notifications pop up help people engage, create content, meet beauty founders or request songs from DJ.

Used QR code signages to integrate user from physical event to digital experience

The beauty maze also include 8 QRcodes to encourage people to explore the all different touchpoints. After user collected all the QRcodes, they can spin the wheel to redeem a price in the store.