iting chen UX/VIsual Designer

Hi there! I am iting ✺

Diverse experiences

My international background helped me adapt and learn. Growing up in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and inspired by my father's work in Japan, I aimed to study abroad. I attended Seoul National University of Science and Technology for Visual Design and later worked at Taiwan's Youth Salon, using design to showcase career paths to young people.

My hometown, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The magic year of 2018

In 2018, I left my brand designer job in Taiwan to travel to South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Cuba, and the USA. I aimed to share my designs more widely and make a bigger impact. During my trip, I met an engineer, a PM, and a product designer. This inspired me to expand my design skills to digital UX design to reach a global audience.

Picture were taken by me when I travel to: Taiwan

My journey to UX Design

My background is in graphic and brand design, where I primarily created visual assets for corporations. In 2016, I led a website redesign project that improved event booking rates, which taught me the importance of small UX changes. In 2018, I moved to San Francisco to study for my Master's degree in UX at the Academy of Art University.

Beyond my design world

My secret to longevity in design is immersing myself in nature. It teaches humility and the importance of continuous learning. While I use technology to innovate, nature reminds me of my humanity and helps me find joy in life's inconveniences.