KOHL'S Holiday

Holiday gift list to encourage more giving and saving

Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List microsite design
Launch Date

November 2022


After Effects

My Roles

UI/UX Design
Market Research
Concept Ideation


Creative Director
Engineer Team
Production Team
UX Designer
Motion Designer

Key contribution

User Experience

Led the development process from initial concept through to the launch of the user interface.

Gift list user flow
User data capture page
Product wish list page
Created a responsive design for all devices
Integrated user feedback to finalize the prototype
Research & Development

Conducted a comprehensive comparative analysis of eCommerce gift list experiences.

Interaction Design

Created 2D animation assets for a dynamic and engaging landing page.

Project goals

The goal is to help users create a personalized gift list, make informed shopping decisions, and generate shareable content, enhancing their shopping experience.

High-level challenges were

  • Simplifying the user flow and linking to purchases.
  • Keeping users engaged to share on social media.
  • Using the existing design system.
Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List animation

So, how do users Build-a-List in Kohl's Holiday?

To join the sweepstakes, users log in, select a recipient, choose 3-8 gifts, and generate a social sharing video. Then, they are redirected to Kohl's website to shop their list.

Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday UX viewKohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday IRL event photo

What I learned about common online shopping user flows

As the holiday season nears, people search for gifts. Building a gift list, like adding items to a cart, shows purchase intent. A user-friendly, attractive gift list can boost engagement and sales.

  • Purchase Intent: Gift lists indicate a desire to buy.
  • User Engagement: Attractive gift lists keep users on the site longer.
  • Sales Boost: Increased engagement leads to more purchases.
Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday online research shopping user flow

Next, I studied the "Add to Wish List" experience and found

It can encourages users to return to the site, keeping them engaged with the brand

  • Heart Shape (Wish List): Emotional connection, future consideration, organization, personalization
  • Number on shopping Bag (Cart): Purchase intent, familiarity, progress tracking, conversion focus
Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday online research
Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday online research
Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday online research

Build-a-List user flow

Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday UX user flow

What experience needed to be improved?

Based on research, I added a gift list number and heart icon, displaying gifts on a conveyor belt. This design didn't perform well in testing at first round.

Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday UX wireframe before

How I improved the experience?

Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday UX wireframe after

Final Design

The final UI design I created offers a responsive microsite experience that caters to mobile, tablet, and desktop users. During the earlier stages of UI development, I discovered that the arch-shaped tunnel design was limiting the interface's ability to display more products. To address this issue, I replaced the arch shape with a rectangular shape, which created a larger and more usable area.

Landing page

We animated conveyor belt to create a more engaging experience for users.

Introduction Page

Guides users with step-by-step animations to learn how to build a gift list.

Data Capture Page

Throughout data capture page and recipient page, users can track their progress using the progress bar feature.

Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday UX
Recipient Page

Users can select the intended recipient before choosing a gift, ensuring that their list is personalized.

Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday Recipient Page
Product Page

Users can navigate gifts using the top category menu and add items to their gift list by tapping the “plus” icon.

Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday Product Page
Product Page

The progress bar increases with each added item. The 'Next' button is disabled until at least three items are selected.

Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday Product Page
Content Creation

Users can save their gift list and share it with their online community, encouraging Kohl’s holiday event engagement.

Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday UX
Social Sharing

Users are entered for a chance share and win a $200 Kohl's gift card.

Kohl's Holiday Build-a-List holiday UX

Key learnings

Impact of small changes

Even minor design adjustments can significantly affect the user experience completion rate.

Design efficiency

Kept the tunnel and conveyor belt on the landing page but increased product display rows on the gift selection page.

Scrolling & engagement

Based on the "Scrolling and Attention" study by CX Partners, vertical scrolling improves user attention and engagement.


Staying adaptable to ensure the final product meets user and business goals.