House of HomeGoods

A vacation rental booking site with HomeGoods decor that changes every guest stay

Launch Date

October 2022

Tools & Methods

After Effects

My Roles

UI Design


Engineer team
Project Manager

Key contribution

Personal contribution

Produced a vacation booking microsite UI which follow HomeGoods established design system for both mobile and desktop user.

Project impact

This project has made a huge impact on the media. The House of HomeGoods project has been covered in over 10 press releases.

Project overview

HomeGoods launched House of HomeGoods in the winter of 2022. This new program allows customers to book a weekend getaway in Hudson Valley, NY for only $29.99 per night from HomeGoods website. The getaway experience features four different themes, each stay has its own unique home decor theme.

User flow

User can enter from social or HomeGoods home page. When booking is opened, the booking page shows request booking confirmation. If the booking is closed, in the booking modal shows next booking open time. So user can aware about what to expect next.

House of HomeGoods UX flow

Grid system

For this project, I have chosen an 8-column grid for better responsive design. This will enable the content to be placed into 4 columns on smaller devices.

House of HomeGoods
House of HomeGoods UX