Delightful AR filter UI/UX design. Follow the motion of users' facial expressions to spark joy in creating content

Olly JFK event

Oct 2021 - Nov 2021 (2 months)

Tools & Methods

Photoshop AfterEffects

My Roles

Graphic & UI/UX
AR Designer


Project Manager
Motion Graphic Designer

Project Overview

The OLLY X JetBlue "Upgrade Your Sleep" pop-up at John F. Kennedy International Airport was created to attract travelers for OLLY’s new Sleep Gummy product. This event provides COVID-safe brand activation with mobile touchless gamification moments and AR photo moments. In this event, I extended my work scope from graphic to UI/UX AR design. I collaborated with a 3D designer and art director to design immersive experiences for travelers. The event total gained an estimated 40,000 visual impressions in 2 days.

Design Process

Olly JFK design process


Olly JFK event storyboard


I started with analyzing the product and event target audience, and dove into sleep product features. What are the keywords for the sleeping product, and what is the fun part I can bring to the user through this AR in the event?

Olly JFK event brainstorming

Development hand-off

After I defined the user experience, I made the first run of testing. I focused on testing different versions of the eye mask 2D illustration user interface. For the next run I led a motion graphic designer to update the eye mask animation graphic.

Olly AR



Augmented Reality changed the way brand tells the story

AR provides new storytelling experience for both brands and users. Brands only need a small marketer, like a QRcode, to connect with users to create content on social media. I learned to analyze not only the product itself but also tell a story by brand personality, and provide value to users and brands in a memorable way.

What will I change if I can do this project again?

This was a short-term AR filter and pop-up event at JFK Airport. If I have a chance to work on this again, I want to improve the eye mask animation experience. If the users open the front camera, the eye mask will automatically turn on, before. But in the event, I learned that most of the people had their masks on due to COVID, and the mask and eye mask both covered too much face. If I have a chance, I want to give the decision back to the users, where they can choose if they want to use the eye mask feature.

Olly JFK Airport event